Thursday, September 4, 2014

5pm - Portugal Moment Capture.

In general, I felt so lucky to be in Portugal - celebrating life and treasuring every moment along the way! And in particular felt so lucky to be able to capture my 5pm moment in time here… in this beautiful country.

Unlike other "moments in time", I really had no specific spot or goal of what to capture other than as much of the moment and beauty of this country that I had been enjoying for over a week - drinking and eating amazing food, seeing the most beautiful architecture and landscapes, meeting new people and most importantly experiencing the culture with some of my favorite people in the world! 

My sisters (Christine and Liz), cousin (Kim) and I had just finished a port wine tasting at Calem - (yum!) and were about to head on the Douro River for a boat tour….

At 5pm I walked past this… awesome building with amazing reflections, which gave me the ability to capture so much of this moment, I was giddy!

In a nutshell, this truly represented the moment, including:
  • The Calem Winery sign/building (in the town of Gaia) where we had just tasted port wine
  • The activity of people walking by
  • The empty restaurant inside (this is common as restaurants don't typically open until 7pm… which made for a lot of hungry moments for me!)
  • The Douro River and the boats (one of which we would take on the tour in just a few moments)
  • And, the beautiful, colorful town of Porto through the windows of the restaurant
I hope you can feel this moment, even if just a little bit…. It is one I will treasure for many, many years!



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